Why is Google Ads one of the best dental marketing ideas to get new patients?

You can never run out of marketing ideas, whether it’s for the dental industry or not.

There’s so many marketing ideas to promote your dental office: Facebook Ads, Google Ads, create a blog, do Social Media, use influencers, create webinars, send emails, create street banners and the list can go on forever.


The problem is, who has the time and the money to do all this stuff at once? And besides this, from all these dental patient marketing ideas, which works best for the dental industry?


My goal for this article is pretty simple: present you one of the simplest dental marketing ideas that work for any dental office.


You may have heard of Google Ads, you may have even tried it. It’s pretty simple, but a lot of dental practices don’t use it at its full potential.


This is why in this article you’ll also find some essential tips to master Google Ads and get new patients into your practice fast.  




Quick overview: How does Google Ads work?

If you never heard of Google Ads, here’s a quick overview of how it works.


You create a free Google Ads account. Then, when you create your dental campaign, you introduce some keywords for which you want your ads to be shown. And then you create some simple text-based ads where you have a title and a short description.


Let’s say you want your ads to show up in Google only when people search for dentist in Los Angeles or dental implants in Los Angeles.


When someone goes to Google and uses the exact keywords you introduced earlier, your ad will show up and people can click on them and go to your website or directly call for an appointment.


If someone types in emergency dentist in Los Angeles for example, and you don’t want your ad to show up for these types of queries, you can filter these out.


What about costs? Well, you pay a certain amount of money to Google every time someone clicks on your ad. If your ads get no clicks, you pay nothing even if they show up to people.

How fast can you get new patients with dental Adwords?


In a couple of hours. You can create a basic campaign in under one hour and it usually takes about a couple of hours for your ads to get approved.


Why is Google Ads one of the best dental marketing ideas for a dental practice?


Simply because people go to Google only when they need something. And this is why the conversion rates on this marketing channel are much higher than probably most other ones.


If you compare it to Facebook, for example, there you interrupt people from their usual behavior.


Let’s say you want to promote your dental practice via Facebook Ads.


A opens up his Facebook app to stalk their friends or see pictures with cats and dogs and then your dental ad might show up even if he or she doesn’t need any dental service.


On Google on the other hand, you know exactly that a person needs a dentist, you just have to put your office right in front of their eyes.


Google Ads is one of the marketing channels with the highest buying intent!


How to make Google Ads work for a dental practice?


1. Match your ads with your landing pages

If someone searches for dental implants in New York and clicks your ad, don’t send them to a general page called dental services where you present all the ways you can help.


It’s very likely that this particular person wants to read about teeth whitening if he or she was searching for implants, right?

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Instead, on this page, put every information possible about implants. Think what questions a person might have regarding this service. Think about the face to face conversations you had with patients and what information they needed.


2. Optimize the copy on your landing page

The copy is the text on the page where people land after they click your ad. This text isn’t about you, it isn’t about your service or your dental practice.


It’s about your patient, how do your services help him or her and why they should choose your dental office and not the one across the street.


The text on your landing page should act as a 24/7 salesman. And salesman talks about what the other person wants, tries to answer his objections, his fears.


Why am I insisting on this?


Because I’ve seen hundreds of dental websites which say things like we offer state-of-the-art dental services, great experience and so on.


You rarely find a dental website that tries to answer to your objections or fears or something that you look for as a patient like what insurance plans they accept or if you can eat normally with a dental implant


Think about this next time you write copy to promote one of your dental services: the text on your landing page should act almost as a one on one consultation. It should answer almost every objection a patient could have.


3. Use retargeting to convince people who left your website without scheduling for an appointment

Here’s a blatant truth: almost 99% of the people that come on your website won’t buy from you. At least not from the first time.




First, because the buying experience has changed over the past years. Thanks to the Internet, now we can check out 3, 4 ten more websites. We can then check the reviews. We can ask for opinions on certain groups. We ask our friends.


The point is, we need a lot more information before taking a decision.


And second, you are not selling a hamburger. You are selling a quite expensive service, not to mention that most people are afraid of the dentist. So, this is why they need much more information to reach a conclusion that they would need if they bought a pair of sneakers.


Ok, but what can you do about it?


It’s called retargeting and it’s a way to keep in touch with people who visited your website but didn’t take any action.


How can you keep in touch with them?


Well, retargeting can be done through a lot of marketing tools, but mainly through Facebook and Google since these are the most used networks people hang on.


For instance, someone visits your website, but leaves without scheduling an appointment.


You can then show them a Facebook ad which shows up in their newsfeed in which you give this person more information about your service.


Keep in mind: don’t be spammy.


Don’t remind them about your offer again and again and again.


Instead, use retargeting as a way to offer them more information. Answer their objections. Show them testimonials from other customers. Show them some case studies.


Think about it: if you’d meet this online visitor in person, would you keep repeating them: “hey, come to our office!”?


Of course not! You’d present them all the advantages of coming to you, right?


Do this as well with your retargeting!


Next steps

There are hundreds of dental marketing ideas that could work. Start with the one who is proven to be one of the best marketing strategies for a dental practice, make sure you make the most out of it and only then try to dive into other marketing experiments.


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